How do I connect GoDaddy to my account?

Domain forwarding is available to Premium members only.

To connect to GoDaddy, you can either grant us account access to do it for you (recommended), or set it up yourself.

1) Grant account access to

Visit to learn how to allow others access to your domain. account. Then, grant [email protected] access (under name you can put Clippings) to your account and submit a support ticket for the connection.

2) Do it yourself.

Here is a step by step guide on how to setup your domain with Godaddy.

1) Find the domain you want to edit and select "DNS" as seen here:

2)  Check to see if there is a 'CNAME' setup with the name 'www', if you see one please click the pencil icon to edit it.

If you don't see one, click on 'Add New Record' and then for the type select CNAME and for Name put www. For value please put '' (no quotes though) as seen below.

3) Next click on 'Forwarding' that is directly above the area you were just working at. Then click 'Add Forwarding' that is on the 'Domain' line as seen below:

4) Change the forward to pulldown to be https:// and in the box next to it enter (be sure to include the www and change to whatever your domain is).   Leave the rest of the settings the same and click Save.  Here is how it should look: 

5) After you've done that, you can log into, select 'Domains' from the menu at the top right, and enter your domain name (i.e. in there. With the CNAME correctly added to GoDaddy, the system should allow you to save the new domain and your new address will be working.

If you need help, email [email protected] or submit a support ticket.

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