How do I connect Namecheap to my account?

To connect your domain at Namecheap with, please follow the step by step guide below.

1)  Open the domain in your account and select Advanced DNS.

2) Click on "Add New Record" and then select CNAME from the pulldown box.  For the host put 'www' (no quotes) and for the value put '' (no quotes).

3) Click on "Add New Record' again and this time select "URL Redirect Record" and for the Host put "@" (no quotes) and for the Value put your full URL of (be sure to put your actual domain).

4) After you've done that, you can log into, select 'Domains' from the menu at the top right, and enter your domain name (i.e. in there. With the CNAME correctly added to Namecheap, the system should allow you to save the new domain and your new address will be working.

If you need help, email [email protected] or submit a support ticket.

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