Why am I not appearing in the Clippings.me journalist directory?

We use a number of techniques to ensure only real journalists appear in our directory. Here's how to maximize your chances.

If you're wondering why your portfolio isn't showing up in our journalists' directory, there are some things you can do to improve your chances. To ensure the quality of the listings and to protect all of our users from spam, we don't publish the exact algorithm used, but bear the following in mind when completing your portfolio:

  • If you've marked your portfolio as private, we won't list it
  • If you've requested to exclude your portfolio from the directory, we won't list it
  • We only list complete portfolios, so ensure you've completed your name, subtitle and biography
  • Ensure you've added images
  • Ensure you've selected tags that you wish to appear under
  • Ensure you've added a full representation of your work – we don't list portfolios with only a couple of clippings

It may take up to 24 hours for your portfolio to be listed after you make the changes above.

If you've done everything and your portfolio is still not appearing, please contact us for a manual review.

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