Why are my clippings no longer displaying in a grid? | Clippings.me Help Center

Why are my clippings no longer displaying in a grid?

In June 2018, we rolled out a significant change to the codebase of Clippings.me, which speeds up portfolio loading times and improves the way portfolios are displayed on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

As part of this update, Clippings.me has temporarily ceased to support several older browsers, which are now in use by under 1% of internet users globally.

If your clippings are no longer in a grid, you are likely viewing a portfolio using one of the following unsupported browsers, which are all considered outdated, and in some cases, may pose a security risk.

  • Chrome 56 or lower (current Chrome version: 67)
  • Safari 10 or lower (current Safari version: 11.1)
  • Firefox 51 or lower (current Firefox version: 60)
  • IE 9 or lower (current IE version: 11)

We are attempting to ensure full compatibility over the coming weeks, and anticipate that most users will eventually be supported. However, if you are using Clippings.me using one of these browsers, it is highly recommended that you update your browser ASAP.

Please contact us via the help widget if you have any further feedback or concerns.